What Is Deferred Compensation?


Deferred compensation is a concept which means that you get paid once your work is completed. This kind of compensation comes in handy especially when you are working on a project and you don't have much time to yourself. In other words, the primary income can come at anytime and any time you want. However, [...]

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Debt Service Coverage Ratio


Your debt-service coverage ratio is simply the amount of total debts owed to the total of all other debts you have. This is the amount of money you have to pay in interest and fees to the company on your credit card or loan accounts every month. It is important that you know how much [...]

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How Does a Credit Card Debt Ratio Work?


How Does a Credit Card Debt Ratio Work?A Debt Ratio (DR) is an evaluation of how much money is owed to various creditors, including unsecured creditors such as credit card companies and personal loans. A debt ratio that is over 20% means the company or lender has a high level of credit risk. It is [...]

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The Difference Between a Debenture and a Loan


The Difference Between a Debenture and a LoanDebentures were a type of document that was drawn up by a person with the backing of an individual or company, commonly a bank. This would be a paper that would then be presented to the seller to be used as a guarantee of their financial security against [...]

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Days Sales Outstanding Accounts


When a Days Sales Outstanding account opens, one of the requirements is to meet the company's requirements for sales. As such, one might wonder if these new accounts can move forward without the assistance of a sales manager. To begin with, a Days Sales Outstanding account can be assigned to any employee, and some employers [...]

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How to Calculate Days Payable Outstanding


The amount of money that a business receives in monthly bills are referred to as days payable outstanding. In order to find out the number of days payable outstanding, you will need to go through the profit and loss statement which state all of the transactions that occur within the business. From the profit and [...]

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The Importance of Customer Service


The Importance of Customer ServiceCustomer service is essential to keep customers coming back. Even the most high-tech company needs a human resource to manage their customer's problems and concerns. A person who is not capable of handling a customer's problem without getting angry or saying something like, "You should have called before making a purchase?" [...]

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Current Ratio – How to Calculate it


Current Ratio is a very important measure of a loan company's ability to protect its customers from financial mistakes and unexpected events. The current ratio is based on an average of monthly payments made by the customer and the amount of the loan. If the total amount of the loan is more than the current [...]

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Does Credit Default Swaps Protecting My Finances?


When it comes to protecting your finances, you are only as safe as the software you use to monitor them, and there is no software that offers protection more comprehensive than a Credit Default Swap. A Credit Default Swap is one of those "must have" programs for everyone who is financially responsible in today's society. [...]

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Services of a Finance Consultant


CGS is one of the vital metrics that is used to determine the profitability of a firm. The fact that CGS increases with the number of days a company has been in business is another good indication of the financial health of the company. A CGS graph shows the growth and development of the company, [...]

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