Creative Destruction 101


Creative Destruction 101There's a good chance that you've heard of the concept of Creative Destruction in the business world. It refers to how businesses change or grow when their competitors are forced to change or die. This concept is fascinating and you should definitely study it more thoroughly. Basically, Creative Destruction occurs because companies are [...]

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Correlation Coefficient


Correlation CoefficientCorrelation Coefficient is a measured value indicating the strength of the relationship between two variables. The concept of the Correlation Coefficient is very simple to understand, but at times can be very difficult to comprehend. It has been mentioned in the financial terms and the technical concepts, and also in engineering terms. It is [...]

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Correlation of Time Chart


The Correlation of Time is the relationship between a series of time series. Time series are plotted on a graph or chart and the Correlation of Time is the ratio of the slope of the line to the slope of the line. For example, you can plot your stock price along a normal curve. When [...]

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Definition of Contribution Margin


Contribution Margin is a financial statement on a financial institution or an investor's project's value, that will help determine the amount of profit or loss for a particular investment. The determination of contribution margin, also known as profit margin, is based on the capacity to raise money for a given amount in consideration of a [...]

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How Does Compound Interest Work?


How Does Compound Interest Work?Compound Interest on account many types of investments is defined as the accumulation of interest from multiple deposits into an account. The interest rate and period for which the first deposit accrues are the two factors that determine the compounding rate and its duration. The interest is typically calculated based on [...]

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How to Combat Conflicts


Conflict Theory is a method used to attack a specific target with the aim of rendering it incapable of action. The theory of Conflict Theory claims that a hostile government is creating conditions to force other nations into war with it in order to achieve peace. To date there is little proof that this theory [...]

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Using Compounding Annual Growth Rate to Evaluate Your Investments


Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a way of determining the amount of profits an investment will make in the future. It shows how much your investment will earn over a period of time. The faster your profit returns, the better your return will be. CAGR is one of the most important factors in making [...]

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How To Apply The Principle Of Comparative Advantage In Your Life


A great way to put an end to your worries is by using the principle of Comparative Advantage. The world does not give much importance to such a valuable resource and it is only with the passing of time that people start taking it seriously. This particular concept means the ability to evaluate and compare [...]

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The Benefits of Collaterals


The ultimate meaning of the term collateral is the rights of one person to receive something of value as a return on the part of another person. It is also called security or lien in some cases. The financial institution, which offers the loan, is the lender. The borrower, who applies for the loan, is [...]

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The Command Economy – The Poor Are Expendable


There is an idea, a command economy, that exists in our world. This economy, these stores, restaurants, retailers, and other places of business, can either create or eliminate wealth in society. The Command Economy believe that the rich will use their power to create wealth for themselves, and that the poor will become unemployed or [...]

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