In the world of stock market it is rage every minute of the day and there is never a peaceful time at all, in that place to ace the other investors one has to be really cunning and shrewd and most importantly should be really good in analytics thus in order at that they might have good turn over at the end of the day .

Adobe system

This is one of the companies where the profits of the company will never go down until and unless someone can think of coming up and become synonym to the word of image editing and creating high definition graphics they have taken over the market completely in the field of editing images and are almost on the verge of taking over in the market of video editing thus this is one company where the profit margin will never go down until the photography or the film industry goes down.

Align technology

This name may not ring a bell but do you remember the time when you were a kid and your teeth were crooked and you put on the braces for some time , this is the company that manufactured the braces for you it is very sure that as long as we have teeth in our mouth, this company will not go under a lose thus this is also a company that will not go down so very easily.


Nobody would have ever know about the company, but many will identify the company’s product, it product has become synonymous for searching any given information on the network, yes it is Google I am talking about for this company there is no possibility of it falling down until an extremely creative and user friendly search engine comes out there is no other possible way for beating this company at its game and as long as internet exists this company is not going to come done in its market share value.

Everybody who goes for a shopping online will know about this company this, though they weren’t the people to first start the online shopping market they have come so far in the field of online shopping that they have become the leader of their game and now they have become one of the companies that are paying its employees at a really high rates per hour this would surely would not be possible for them if they are not on the top of the game this will be one of the best places to invest their shares .

Aptiv PLC

This is one of the lesser-known automotive companies in the United States though they have changed their name from Delphi automotive they are one of the highest revenue generating automotive companies in the united states and as long as there is electronic technology in cars this company will never do down on the market.

These are the best companies to invest in.