CGS is one of the vital metrics that is used to determine the profitability of a firm. The fact that CGS increases with the number of days a company has been in business is another good indication of the financial health of the company. A CGS graph shows the growth and development of the company, indicating its soundness as a business. The chart can be plotted as the bar and shows the market share of each line, which further provides details on the profit margins. Such charts can also be plotted as two lines, which further represent the expected CGS profit per unit of sales. Such detailed information helps in the formulation of performance measures for determining the future state of the company.

Cost of Goods Sold

The services of a consultant to analyze the pricing of the goods sold is of immense importance as the data provided by the consultant can help in making timely decisions. The inputs provided by the consultant can be used to formulate models to analyze the performance of the firm in terms of sales. The data can also be used to formulate other models which can help in improving the productivity and efficiency of the firm. The services of a consultant can be used to evaluate the success of the marketing campaigns. This can be done by using the strategies of the consultant which can be of tremendous help to the management team.